For the moment that interfering neurotic who, in waking hours, tries to run the show, was blessedly out of the way.

– Aldous Huxley

What is NeuroticBuddha?

Misinformation, quackery, and sometimes just plain lunacy make it difficult for the skeptical yet interested individual to see the real value of the spiritual or meditative path through the fog. NeuroticBuddha is for these people. This project is for sound minded individuals who are cautious to walk this path and wish to approach it rationally but also with a wondrous curiousity that there is something profound to be discovered. The aim is to thoughtfully explore the wisdom in Buddhism, meditation, psychedelic use, and other spiritual pursuits in order to, even just momentarily, silence that neurotic voice within.

Who is Michael Stone?

Michael is a writer from Toronto, Canada. He has been interested in topics such as meditation and consciousness for the better part of a decade and aims to take a level-headed and reasonable approach towards these subjects through his writing. Michael received a degree in political science from the University of Toronto and has practiced meditation under teachers both in Thailand and at home in Toronto.

A Note on Psychedelics

We do not endorse the sale or consumption any substance, whether legal or illegal. This topic is sometimes explored on NeuroticBuddha because many individuals interested in the topics we explore here will inevitably use these substances, regardless of their legal status. For this reason, our aim is to responsibly educate, promote safety, and to shed light on scientific developments and research in this area. If you would like more information than you will ever find here on this topic I recommend heading to Erowid.org. It remains the best source of information for psychedelics on the internet.


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