For the moment that interfering neurotic who, in waking hours, tries to run the show, was blessedly out of the way.

– Aldous Huxley

What is NeuroticBuddha?

There are many pitfalls along the path. Misinformation, quackery, and sometimes just plain lunacy make it difficult for the skeptical yet interested individual to see the real value of the spiritual path through the fog. I started NeuroticBuddha for these very people. This project is for sound minded individuals who are cautious to walk the path and wish to approach it rationally but also with a wondrous curiousity that there is something more profound to be discovered about life. My aim is to thoughtfully explore the wisdom in Buddhism, meditation, psychedelic use, and other spiritual pursuits in order to, even just slightly, silence that neurotic voice within.

Who is Michael Stone?

That question felt lame as I wrote it. I am from Toronto, Canada and am currently traveling throughout Asia while casually studying meditation and Buddhism. As much as this is a project to help others along the path it is a way for me to explore ideas and guide myself as well. As I began practicing meditation about 7 years ago I realized that there is practical value in taking time to investigate the nature of our minds and that meditation is a way to optimize ourselves in daily life. And yet it soon became obvious that seeing the practice so superficially is to miss the point. Spiritual practice is to realize that we are deeply connected to that which is beyond individual gain and loss. There is an ineffable quality to spiritual experience that calls on us to be better to one another and to search within for deeper meaning. I should also add that I am quite skeptical and often hopelessly neurotic (hence the name). The world of ‘spirituality’ is so littered with bad ideas, contradictions, and new-age, hippie nonsense that I hesitate to even bother with the pursuit. However, there are kernels of truth so meaningful that to ignore them would be to live a life unfulfilled. I hope that this project can explore much of the profundity and practicality of the path while dispelling some of the myths at the same time.

A Note on Psychedelics

Although psychedelic drugs is a topic that is explored here I would like to make clear that we do not endorse the consumption or sale of illegal substances. Psychedelic use has been rooted in human history for millennia and recent studies suggest that there are many therapeutic benefits to certain compounds but use of these substances remains illegal. That said, some individuals will consume these substances regardless of their legal status. NeuroticBuddha aims to explore the topic responsibly and for educational purposes. If you would like more information than you will ever find here on this topic I recommend heading to Erowid.org. This remains the best source of information for psychedelics on the internet.

Can I Contribute?

Absolutely! I would eventually like this to be something of a collaboration effort by like-minded individuals. If you would like to contribute and have your work viewed by as many as zero people (for now), please fill out the form on the contact page.


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